This Universe

Excerpt from FLATLAND:  “It fills all Space,” continued the little soliloquizing Creature, “and what It fills, It is. What It thinks, that It utters; and what It utters, that It hears; and It itself is Thinker, Utterer, Hearer, Thought, Word, Audition; It is the One, and yet the All in All. Ah, the happiness ah, the happiness of Being!”

Refuse to be confined to limited Dimensionality

Humans are Fourth Dimensional beings. Embrace your place the Universe, and take the time to try to understand it:

As if I were the maddest of the mad

Living is easy with eyes closed. Since we don’t have “eyes” that see beyond three dimensions — it is easy to live life without seeing the full picture. Once you possess the truths of the higher dimensions, you will gain the happiness of Being.