Teen Vogue: Black Teens Have Been Fighting for Gun Reform for Years

A powerful piece from Teen Vogue highlights who African-American teenagers who have been advocating for gun reform have been largely ignored.

Teens’ recent fight for gun control is awesome and inspiring, but don’t forget that it’s exactly what young black activists have been doing. 

The piece asks an important question in response to what has happened since the horrific Parkland shooting — Why is there a different reaction to white teenage protectors than there has been to black teenage protesters?

Read the full story here: https://www.teenvogue.com/story/black-teens-have-been-fighting-for-gun-reform-for-years


Inspired by Parkland — Jon Lovett, of Pod Save America fame, calls for the Voting Age to be Lowered to 16

Crooked Media’s Jon Lovett has recently called for the Voting Age to be lowered to 16, after the impressive and inspiring actions taken by teenagers from Parkland, Florida over these past weeks in response to the tragedy they faced in their high school.

In his piece Lovett makes it clear why he believes these young people need to be armed with the right to vote:

In our actions, in our failures, America is sending a message to teenagers: this country doesn’t give a shit about you. Teenagers deserve the vote because the rest of us have proven that we are not adult enough to have their interests at heart. The NRA is right about the importance of self-defense, but wrong about the means. Voting is how America’s young people can protect themselves.

For those who think that this is an impossible idea — let’s not forget our US History. Rachel Maddow recent highlighted the moment in July 1971 when young people met with President Nixon as the voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 thanks to activism from young people.

Watch the clip from the Rachel Maddow show here from MSNBC: https://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/watch/young-activists-wanted-to-lower-the-voting-age-and-made-it-happen-1165383747550?v=b

President Nixon commented that “America’s young generation will provide what America needs.” Maybe that’s true again today — as Lovett suggest.

If you Love It — Read Lovett’s full post about this idea from Crooked: https://crooked.com/article/lower-voting-age-sixteen/


Colorado Seniors at Poudre High School honor Parkland victims — #MeNext?

Change can come from any where — and any age. Two high school students in Fort Collins, Colorado decided that they were not waiting to become victims to speak out against how they doesn’t feel safe at school — or in their local movie theater. Poudre High School seniors Nina Shelanski and Asha Olick were interviewed by the Coloradoan for their work honoring victims of this month’s tragic Parkland shooting and advocating for change.

In addition to raising awareness, Nina and Asha collected signatures and messages to show support. The banner that students signed during lunch is being sent to Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

“You all deserved so much better.”

“I hope we get this problem under control.”

“We need more than ‘thoughts and prayers.'”

“Change will happen. This shouldn’t have happened.”


Nina’s message is clear: “What I’m trying to do is motivate people to become more involved.” It’s exciting to see the activation of open minded young people across the country who want to advocate for change that they believe will make them safer. If you are reading this and wish that somebody at your high school would advocate for change — choose to be that person.

Click through to the Coloradoan to watch her interview and read all of the quotes from both Nina & Asha: https://www.coloradoan.com/story/news/local/2018/02/21/poudre-high-school-students-honor-florida-school-shooting-victims-but-ask-me-next/358919002/