Progressive Americans want Peace; not War! John Bolton and President Trump are Bad News!

With one tweet, President Trump put World Peace in grave danger:

It’s no question that John Bolton — President Trump’s pick to be the new National Security Advisor — is dangerous for any peace-seeking individual on this planet earth. Here is a collective of some of Bolton’s shocking past comments — and some of the reactions to Trump’s pick:

Of course, the majority of Americans don’t want to see their country get anywhere near another war. Three times last year, an NBC News / Survey Monkey Poll was conducted and participants were asked to rate how worried they were that the United States will become engaged in a major war in the next four years during President Trump’s presidency. Here were the results (of course, from before Bolton’s nomination), which show that Americans are very worried:

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 5.18.10 PM

North Korea is one concern — back given his background, John Bolton is likely more interested in Iran and the Middle East. It would be interested to see how fearful Americans are now that John Bolton has been selected by Trump. One thing is clear — War is not the answer! The world needs peace — not Trump.


You can read about each of the three polls here:

October 2017 (Full Results)

July 2017 (Full Results)

February 2017 (Full Results)

Jane Kim surging in San Francisco mayor’s race — Progressive candidate supported by Bernie Sanders

Jane Kim, San Francisco Supervisor and Former President of the Board of Education is surging in the SF mayor’s race, according to a recent poll in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Breed and Kim have really moved ahead of the pack here,” said pollster David Metz. “Leno, who folks early on thought might be the favorite, is struggling to get traction.”

Three months out from the special election in June, the grassroots movement that is supporting Jane Kim for Mayor has propelled her ahead in the polls. The SF Chronicle poll has London Breed in first place at 29 percent, Jane Kim in a close second at 26 percent, and Mark Leno in third at 19 percent.

Kim is known for leading the charge to increase the minimum wage in San Francisco to $15 an hour. Another major headline that Kim recently scored was making San Francisco the first city in the nation to offer free community college for all residents:

Kim is passionate about securing record high rates of affordable housing and helming to expand homeless services — most recently by securing the first 24/7 shelter staffed by nurses so homeless residents get the care they need to stay off the streets.

As mayor, Kim plans to declare an immediate state of emergency on homelessness. She wants to establish universal early childhood education to keep families here in San Francisco — and support women who wish to remain in the workforce. Furthermore, Kim plans to pass  moratorium on unfair elections and push for an expedited plan to create more permeant affordable housing.

“I’m surprised — I really thought it was a Breed-Leno race, and now it shows London and Kim … in a horse race,” said Tom O’Connor, president of the firefighters union.

Just this week, Jane Kim received an endorsement from Our Revolution:

Jane Kim is fighting for San Francisco, and her grassroots campaign shows that San Franciscans are ready to fight with her! Vote for Jane in June. In addition to following her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook; You can learn more about Jane Kim and her race for mayor here:


Ted Cruz sweats as Democrat Beto O’Rourke surges in popularity in Texas Senate Race #BetoForTexas

Texas wants to be a liberal state, and this year it will have a chance to declare that to the world if the state chooses to help end the Republican Congressional control by removing Sen. Ted Cruz from office.


The Hill reported last month that Rep. Beto O’Rourke is within single digits of the incumbent Senator from Texas:

End Citizens United, a campaign finance reform group, released a pollconducted by Public Policy Polling that finds Cruz leading O’Rourke by 8 points, 45 to 37 percent. Eighteen percent were undecided.

Rep. O’Rourke has been in US Congress since he won his House race for the Texas seat in 2012 against an eight-term incumbent.

Since losing the presidential election to someone with no political experience, the unliked Ted Cruz has been making headlines for sharing his porn habits on Twitter and getting in feuds with beloved animated TV show runners… Not a winning strategy.

Learn more about Beto here:

Former Obama Advisor Van Jones proclaims his support for Tulsi Gabbard in 2020 on “Watch What Happens Live!” with Andy Cohen

On Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live!” recently, Andy Cohen asked former President Obama Senior Advisor and current CNN star Van Jones who his next Democratic pick would be to run for President in the upcoming 2020 election. Here was his answer:

JONES: Umm… Oh well, I mean… I like — right now — uh, Tulsi Gabbard.

COHEN: Who is that?

JONES: She’s an amazing — She’s a Hawaiian veteran. She’s like 37, or something like that. She’s representing out of — and she’s in Congress — out of Hawaii. And she is just brilliant and indecent. She’s beautiful.


JONES: She is like an action hero. She could have done the Wonder Woman stuff, like, with no stunt double… She should be President.


That’s high praise. Jones has been a long time supported of Tulsi though, so it comes as no surprise. Here he is in CNN name dropping her in 2012 after working to help reelect President Obama:

And again in 2016 via Twitter supporting her after Trumps election:

Here is a throwback to how most mainland Americans became familiar with the Senator from Hawaii, after she stepped down as Vice Chair of the DNC to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders in back 2016 with this emotional ad:

NPR interviews SF DA who is Dismissing about 5,000 Convictions now that Marijuana is Legal

In an interview with NPR, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón spoke with Ari Shapiro about the recent move from his office to dismiss thousands of marijuana-related convictions dating back to 1975 in response to California legalizing recreational marijuana this year.

SHAPIRO: In real-world terms, if somebody was convicted of marijuana possession or use 20 years ago, what kind of an impact would that have had on a person’s life?

GASCON: If you have a felony conviction on your record, let’s begin by saying you cannot vote. There are many places where you will not be able to rent or buy a home. There are employers that will not hire you. You cannot get certain types of student loans, cannot get certain public assistance. So there’s a whole bunch of things that preclude you from participating to the fullest in the social society by having that conviction. And what we’re saying is, the public in California has determined that this should not be a crime. Then let’s go back and repair some of the harm… It looks like we may have about 5,000 cases that actually would qualify under Prop 64 for felony relief.

What cities will be next and follow San Francisco in dismissing these life-harming convictions now that Marijuana is legal in multiple states? Sound off below.