Top 5 Covers of Super Mario Odyssey’s “Jump Up, Super Star!”

Fans of Super Mario Odyssey probably spent most of 2017 with this joyful tune stuck in their head from the Nintendo Switch instant classic:


That’s right — Pauline from the original Donkey Kong is back! And with the help of the band that Mario found around New Donk City, she sings the song about halfway through the game. If you like the song, you are in luck. You can easily spend an afternoon on YouTube listening to great covers of “Jump Up, Super Star!” by some really creative fans. Here are some of our favorites:

5. Violin Cover / Remix by String Player Gamer

This fiddle player sounds like he is straight out of a Mario Kart soundtrack.


4. Piano Cover by かてぃん / Hayato.S

This guy has some serious talents on the keys! Definitely worth watching through to the end of this one.


3. A Cappella Cover by PXL8

There are a lot of great A Cappella covers on YouTube — But this group takes the cake.


2. Acoustic Cover by The Team Players

As with A Capella, you can find plenty of Acoustic covers of “Jump Up, Super Star.” These two love birds top them all (and they have other great Nintendo songs on their Channel!)


1.  Super Mario Odyssey for Gamecube? – Alternate Reality Game Music by Nick’s Personal Symphony

Once you listen to this version, it’ll be forever stuck in your head.


So when are we getting a vinyl release for Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo?


Hope you enjoyed these selections. Here is a bonus video for big fans of the music in Super Mario Odyssey:



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