Former Obama Advisor Van Jones proclaims his support for Tulsi Gabbard in 2020 on “Watch What Happens Live!” with Andy Cohen

On Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live!” recently, Andy Cohen asked former President Obama Senior Advisor and current CNN star Van Jones who his next Democratic pick would be to run for President in the upcoming 2020 election. Here was his answer:

JONES: Umm… Oh well, I mean… I like — right now — uh, Tulsi Gabbard.

COHEN: Who is that?

JONES: She’s an amazing — She’s a Hawaiian veteran. She’s like 37, or something like that. She’s representing out of — and she’s in Congress — out of Hawaii. And she is just brilliant and indecent. She’s beautiful.


JONES: She is like an action hero. She could have done the Wonder Woman stuff, like, with no stunt double… She should be President.


That’s high praise. Jones has been a long time supported of Tulsi though, so it comes as no surprise. Here he is in CNN name dropping her in 2012 after working to help reelect President Obama:

And again in 2016 via Twitter supporting her after Trumps election:

Here is a throwback to how most mainland Americans became familiar with the Senator from Hawaii, after she stepped down as Vice Chair of the DNC to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders in back 2016 with this emotional ad:


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